Glenburn MWFC have received funding from the Climate Challenge Fund to implement the following projects:

Match Fit Kit

A sports kit and boot recycling scheme to encourage the reuse and recycling of items of kit. We recognise that children who participate in football and other sports grow out of kit and footwear before these items wear out. Our proposed scheme would divert this useful sportswear from landfill; as a result, this will enable new & existing teams to access recycled sets of strips and enable youngsters from less affluent families to access much needed sports kit. It is envisaged that the recycling aspect will also include specialist footwear and equipment, which may be redistributed for a small donation. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx. 4.5 tonnes per annum and 22 tonnes over the lifetime of the project

Kit Wash

A bulk laundry scheme using energy efficient industrial machines to wash strips and use an eco-friendly air-drying pulley system to dry them thus reducing carbon emissions. We will gather any unused sports strips, clothing & equipment from local football teams/community. All donated sports strips/clothing will be bulk laundered in energy efficient washing machines and air-dried and made available for teams and individuals. These industrial washing machines will be able to wash larger loads than the domestic machines which are currently used and the system of air-drying via pulleys will cut out the need for tumble drying, resulting in a reduction in energy use. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx. 13 tonnes per annum and 130 tonnes over the lifetime of the project.

Fuel Efficient Driving

Promoting behaviour change with regard to travel habits by encouraging members of the football community to think about car sharing when travelling to training/matches and learning how to drive in a more fuel efficient way. We will offer ‘Fuel Good’ fuel efficient driving lessons and simulator sessions to educate drivers as to how they can reduce the amount of fuel they use thereby reducing carbon emissions. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx. 37 tonnes per annum and 188 tonnes over the lifetime of the project.

If you would like to get involved please contact our head office.