We Are Glenburn MWFC

Glenburn Miners Welfare Football Club was formed in 1976 following the opening of the Glenburn Miners Welfare and Social Club in 1975. The Social Club was opened following the closure of the Glenburn pit in 1973 and today many of the committee, parents and players associated with GMWFC grew up and still live within the Glenburn community of Prestwick.

Glenburn MWFC are a voluntary organisation and registered charity committed to providing access to organised football for all age groups from toddlers through to adults regardless of age or ability. Our focus is on promoting fun and fitness through football.

The Club Operate 12 Teams:

Over 35s
Amateur: 7.30- 9.30pm Tuesday at Prestwick Academy, Manager- Stewart Callaghan
U19: 7.30pm Tues Prestwick Academy Astro & 6.30pm on Thurs at Old Racecourse. £15 per month. Manager Louis Anderson
2000: Tues & Thurs (light nights only) at Prestwick Academy, £2 per session, Manager Steven Coughtrie
2001: 7.30pm – 9pm Tues- Prestwick Academy & Thurs- Whittlets Active Centre Astro, £20 per month. Manager Johnny Colville
2003: 6pm – 7.30pm Weds& Thurs (Weds only in Winter), Glenburn Primary School. £20 per month. Manager- Neil Jardine
2005: 6pm – 8pm Mon & Weds@ Glenburn Primary School. £2 . Manager- Lyell Kidd
2006: 6pm – 7.30pm Mon at Glenburn Primary School. £2. Manager- Neil McAughtrie
2007: 6pm – 7pm Mon & Weds at Glenburn Primary School. £2. Manager- Aly Fraser
2008: 6pm – 7.30pm Fri at Glenburn Primary School. £2. Manager- Greg Russell
2009: 6pm – 7pm Weds at Prestwick Academy. £2. Manager- Andy McLaughlin
2010: 6pm – 7pm Weds at Monkton Primary School. £2. Manager- Davy Given

Vision & Aims


The club exists for the following reasons;

• to provide opportunities for young people to participate in football
• to help young people learn about life through their participation in football
• to develop skills and attributes in our players that will allow them to successfully participate in team sports throughout their life
• to provide a pathway to participating in football as an adult
• to create a positive and supportive environment for all of the above to take place


Glenburn Miners Welfare Football Club is committed to providing opportunities for young people to have fun, learn and develop through their participation in football. The club has pledged its support for the principles of Positive Coaching Scotland. This pledge underpins every aspect of our approach to supporting the participation and development of the young people. As such the club makes the following commitments. We will:
• Develop a football culture where young players are developed positively, learn that success comes through effort and develop skills for life through football.
• Teach everyone involved with the club including players, parents, volunteers and spectators how to show respect and sportsmanship to Honour Our Game.
• Have a long term aim by moving the focus away from results and league tables to succeeding and winning through effort.
• Work in partnership with parents, coaches & players, to enhance the skill and learning of all members to create a club committed to excellence and championing the Positive Coaching Scotland culture.

In doing so we will;
• Create a more enjoyable football experience for all involved
• Support the teaching of life lessons and character development
• Foster better player development and performance
• Keep more young people in football for longer

To meet the aims outlined above there are clear expectations of coaches, parents and players involved with the club.